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upscale your business with digitalstores

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operate your business from your couch

automate your business

Let your business run by itself through various digitalstores solutions provided at your service. Save your time and concentrate on how to maximize your profit, manage your marketing campaign, and expand your business



we provide the following services


We will integrate your e-commerce store with our systems, once orders received we'll pick, pack, and deliver all e-commerce orders from our fulfillment center  

Self Storage

We offer secure, reliable self-storage solutions and services to help you store your belongings safely and conveniently


how it works

we will guide you step by step


receiving products

With high professionalism, our operations start with the sorting process in which we sort and label your products upon the arrival of it in our warehouse


storing products

After sorting, your products are sent to an air-conditioned storage stations that are monitored 24/7, while we integrate your website with our system to track inventory and orders


orders fulfillment

Once we receive an order, we pick, pack, and deliver the order to the customer.


depositing payments

Payment will be transferred automatically to your bank account.

About Us

self storage

rent your self storage space

digitalstores provide self storage spaces that fulfill your requirements 

Fulfillment Service

Our fulfillment service is established to the highest levels. We will store and process your online orders ensuring your customer's satisfaction. 


Single Shelve


Whole Rack

Shelve Size: Length 200cm x Depth 60cm x Height 60cm

*Whole Rack consists of 4 shelves



3 months

6 months

12 months



750 AED

1500 AED

2000 AED

Whole Rack

2000 AED

4000 AED

6000 AED


strategic partners

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